Here you can find a selection of reports created in partnership with the Health Innovation Network (HIN). These documents were key to establishing the purpose, scope and content of ZSA Resources. 

The documents have been provided to give visitors a good understanding of the current iteration of ZSA Resources, but we intend to continually evolve and adapt this to be a resource for all stakeholders and people who wish to achieve suicide prevention. 

We understand that PDF documents are not always accessible, and we want to ensure that we offer the best experience for those who access our site. If you would find a different file format more accessible, please get in touch and we will do our best to get this to you. 

Developing ZSA Resources 


Reviewing the evidence

In developing ZSA Resource we understood that it is important to have a strong understanding of what is happening nationally and internationally within suicide prevention. This baseline desktop research informed our ability to offer you the Resource section of the website, where you can find key information on many of the tools, approaches and products available to support proactive suicide prevention. 

This initial research piece has been broken down into key topic areas to support you to access the most relevant evidence to what you need. Although each document can be read individually, we encourage you to start with the Introduction first before reading the evidence reviews.