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Date added: 8 March 2021
Delivery type: Online
Owned by: High Intensity Network
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Website: HISAFE
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Target audience: Wider professionals

Core Elements

HISAFE is a mobile phone app that enables digital crisis care plans to be formulated as part of the wider Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) model of care.

Key Features:

  • Enables responders and healthcare professionals to access a service user’s crisis plan through a national crisis plan database
  • Local systems flag if a service user has a HISAFE record. The crisis plan relating to the type of crisis behaviour is found
  • The plan is sent to the response teams
  • Responders are encouraged to follow the plans

For more information about how HISAFE fits into the wider SIM model, click here.

Supporting Rationale

High intensity crisis care works when frontline responders are able to rapidly access care plans that can give them high quality information and highly specific guidance on how to manage each individual service user.


N/A - phone app is only available to healthcare workers through their place of work.


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Data Protection Considerations

HIN and SIM teams explain GDPR rules to service users.

Additional Information

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