Becoming a member of Zero Suicide Alliance has been invaluable in giving us direct access to a large community made up of like-minded individuals and organisations, all sharing a common goal and mission to significantly reduce rates of suicide in the UK.

The member benefits are important in guiding us in what we do and how we do it; attending ZSA conferences offers the chance to understand best practices, learn lessons, recognise patterns and share research between individuals and organisations, giving us all the power to work collaboratively towards a zero-suicide ambition.

QES’ Suicide Surveillance system is designed to derive lessons and implement changes in local suicide prevention plans, as a result of the collection of real-time data that is inputted into one centralised location by multi-agencies. Having the support and encouragement from many other members who recognise how vital it is to be identifying trends and patterns from real-time data has been invaluable for us, and a constant motivator. It’s a pleasure to be linked to the Zero Suicide Alliance, and we’re looking forward to sharing and celebrating the many achievements still to come.

Emma Barrand

Sales and Marketing Manager QES