ZSA's Big Brew

Welcome to Brew Monday 2020 resource centre

Thanks for joining the Big Brew conversation. We all know someone who might be having suicidal thoughts problems and need help.

Click below to access the FREE digital resource pack, giving you everything you need to support your Big Brew event on and offline.

Our downloadable resource pack will help you to empower people to have difficult conversations.  

Included in the resource pack:

  • poster templates to promote your Big Brew event
  • general ZSA Big Brew posters
  • tea and coffee checklist
  • myth busting sheet
  • suggested social media posts with images
  • Big Brew fact sheet
  • Generic press release 

This resource pack will help you:

  • reach out to friends or colleagues and host a Big Brew event
  • support them to take the Zero Suicide Alliance training
  • empower them to have a conversation about suicide with someone they think may be in need of help.

You could make the difference to what they do next.



The Big Brew - See The Need, Take the Training, Have the Conversation

‘My dear son was desperately ill by the time he sought professional help. We need a system that is able to detect difficulty much earlier… Steve Mallen, one of the founders of the Zero Suicide Alliance of 200 organisations after his 18 year old son Edward took his life.

Coping can start with a cuppa, 20 minutes is all it takes for our training.

The Big Brew campaign uses the power of the Great British cuppa to help you take the training and have the conversation.

What do I need to do?

SEE THE NEED – is someone you know suffering in silence?

TAKE THE TRAINING – you can do it in the time it takes to drink a cuppa.

HAVE THE CONVERSATION – plan a Big Brew event, get together and talk.


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