Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020/21

Below you will find information on the training recommended  required as part of the PQS 2020/21 Part 2 Prevention domain. Please note that completion of the training below alone does not meet all the elements of the PQS. You will be required to complete additional actions to meet the criteria and the Prevention domain fully.  These steps will be outlined fully in the NHS England and NHS Improvement PQS 2020/21 Part 2 guidance document.

On accessing the training you will be asked to complete 5 short questions. On question 3 please enter the full postcode of the pharmacy you work within - if you work at more than one pharmacy or are a locum pharmacist please enter the postcode of the pharmacy you usually work in. On question 4 please tick the box for pharmacist, or if you are not a pharmacist tick the other box and enter 'Pharmacy team'.

At the end of the training you will be presented with a certificate. Please ensure that you download a copy and keep for your pharmacy records.

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