The ZSA Resources website has been developed to support those organisations, clinicians and leaders who work to tackle suicide nationally. Working in partnership with the Health Innovation Network and the Mental Health Foundation the Zero Suicide Alliance has brought together key information and themes to understand and respond to suicide risk at a community level. 

The three themes we focus on are:

  • Map view - Our map shows you the key aspects which are likely to influence suicide as a risk factor for your community. 
  • Facts for action - This section gives detail on many factors which are linked to suicide, along with examples of practice which has shown effectiveness in addressing those issues. This section also provides broader guidance to the health sector and central and local government on how to achieve change nationally. 
  • Resources - Our Resources section offers a breakdown of practice from across the globe that can support your local community to tackle suicide. This section includes resources on training, guides, digital and sources of help. 


Introducing Resources to Save Lives

Suicide prevention requires a systematic community based approach. Our website is designed to support this process. Find out about our resources, map view and supporting documents to achieve a comprehensive plan for your area. 


Setting the groundwork

We have worked with a number of partners to bring you the most valuable information, resources and practical support we can. 

This website has been developed through a collaborative process, encompassing a number of scoping and engagement sessions with stakeholders from across the country. 

You can find out more about the stakeholder engagement process and the evidence reviewed to inform the website on our ZSA briefings page. 

Understanding suicide in your area

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Social risk factors map

Understanding your community needs is central to developing a holistic approach to reduce suicide. We have collated 11 key factors into a simple colour coded system which offers an intuitive way to get a snap shot on your area. 

Our interactive map allows you to compare risk factors between the 9 English regions, and then between local authorities within each region.

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Understanding risk factors

Working with the Mental Health Foundation we have curated our list of 11 key factors which can indicate the social factors contributing to suicide risk for a population. 

These factors are measurable, monitorable and actionable. Each factor includes a rationale, suggested actions and a call to action for public services. 

Our 11 factors are split into 3 themes. 

Click the themes below to find out more about the factors and what you can do to tackle them. 


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