Who we are

The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) aims to empower, educate, and equip individuals and organisations to support suicide awareness and prevention.

We are UK based and hosted by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and funded via Mersey Cares NHS Charity.

Our work and ambitions are supported by our active and enthusiastic members.

Our name

We know that for some people the word ‘zero’ in our name is contentious. But this is deliberate. We believe that as a society we should be aspiring to zero suicides.

About our work

We offer free online suicide awareness and prevention training and resources.

We work in collaboration and partnership with a wide range of people and organisations. Bringing together different skills and expertise helps ensure the work we are doing meets the needs of different groups of people. Find out more about our partnerships and collaborations.

Whilst we are mainly known for our training and resources but have also carried out research, written and contributed to suicide related publications and reports 

About our training

In 2017, we launched our 20-minute suicide awareness training. Since then, we have worked with different organisations and groups to develop other editions of the training which include data and scenarios that more targeted to specific audiences.

Our aim is to keep this training free and easy for anyone to do so that more people feel confidence and able to talk to someone who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. We believe this can help save lives.  

Find out more about our training.

 About our resources

 Suicide is complex and rarely has a single cause. But there are known risk factors and understanding data around these can help to make   suicide prevention strategies more effective.

 We recognise that there is a lot of data about mental health and suicide available from different sources. Our resources try to make this data   and information accessible and meaningful.

 Find out more about our resources.