Type of Entry: Digital
Name: Thalamos
Date added: 9 March 2021
Delivery type: Online
Owned by: Thalamos Ltd
Contact: hello@thalamosco.uk
Website: Thalamos
Cost: Yes
Target audience: Healthcare professionals

Core Elements

Thalamos (Assess) is 'eMHA' software that is designed to facilitate an end-to-end digital solution for the Mental Health Act (MHA), making access to acute mental healthcare information swifter, simpler and safer.

Key Functions

  • Doctors and Approved Mental Health professionals (AMHP) can complete MHA forms digitally across any device
  • Can securely share these forms with appropriate care professionals, saving time and reducing errors

For more information, visit the Thalamos website.

Supporting Rationale

The Thalamos Team identified that the paper-based nature of the Mental Health Act was slow, complicated and in many instances unsafe. The nature of the process was such that patient care was being adversely affected which in turn had a negative effect on all of those involved with an individual’s care.

The Thalamos team identified that there was an opportunity to create a digital solution which delivered the real world interoperability required of the Mental Health Act. The digital solution needed to allow social services, healthcare services, ambulance providers and other 3rd parties to communicate effectively across institutional boundaries. In deploying Thalamos Assess, care networks are able to make access to and receipt of care under the MHA, swifter, simpler and safer.




Thalamos and their clients have worked to estimate the efficacy of deploying Thalamos’ eMHA solution. These estimates include:

  • Average of 7 hours per day of clinical time saved across Trusts
  • Average of 225 bed days saved per year across Trusts
  • 80% risk reduction for unlawful detentions under the MHA
  • Average of 2 hours time saving per admission under the MHA

Thalamos constantly seeks feedback from clinicians using our software. Feedback scores as of February 2021:

  • Ease of use score for 1st time users was 4.25/5

Examples of anecdotal feedback (contact Thalamos for references):

"Hi, thanks so much it seems pretty intuitive to me, have already used."  - Doctor, London 

"All went well with my first Thalamos T Form. MHA administrator confirmed that she had received it. Great system." - Doctor,  Midlands 

"I have just completed a section 2 application for admission and now have two forms in Caseload – so happy days.  It was a very quick and easy application to complete so thanks very much." - AMHP, North West 

"As someone who has worked with so many local authority and health IT systems this one actually feels like it delivers what it should with ease and simplicity." - AMHP, London 

"I received the form typed. Enormous thanks for this." - MHA Team, South East 

"We really appreciate this service and find it very efficient and helpful." - MHA Team, North East 

"Seems a lot easier. Even though I'm terrible at digital, it's far easier." - Nurse, London 


  • Care Quality Commission
  • MerseyCare NHS Foundation Trust
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Trust
  • 3rd party MHA stakeholders
  • Private Providers

You can help by expanding this list - contact us


You can help by expanding this list - contact us

Data Protection Considerations

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has been completed for this product which details the data security requirements within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Additional Information

A full and detailed service definition is available on request from hello@thalamos.co.uk

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