Type of Entry: Helplines, text lines, chat bots
Name: CALM Helpline
Date added: 1 May 2020
Delivery type: Phone
Owned by: Campaign Against Living Miserably (UK)
Cost: No
Target audience: Anyone
Core elements

Helpline - 0800 58 58 58
Web chat 

  • 5pm – midnight phone and web chat helplines
  • Offer practical support and vital intervention for those in crisis. 
  • Free
  • One to one communication, the webchat uses the same trained staff
  • Instant response to web chat contact
  • Confidential – no contact details are displayed to call handlers
  • Handle more than 120,000 calls and web chats in 2019.
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  • Google Play: N/A / 5
  • Apple App Store: N/A / 5

The CALM helpline is not an app.


Stated claim in annual report – prevented 710 suicides in 2018/19 and 1,920 since 2015/16.

Note: this claim is made on premise: “…calls or chats in which the caller has been actively suicidal, with the threat of imminent suicide and where the helpline worker believes that the caller has stepped back from suicide, or where CALM has successfully enabled emergency services to respond.”  

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