Type of Entry: Training
Name: SP-EAK
Date added: 1 May 2020
Delivery type: Face to face
Owned by: PAPYRUS (UK)
Contact: training@papyrus-uk.org
Website: SP-EAK
Cost: Yes
Target audience: Anyone

Note: £55 per person, £60 per person in London.

Length of training

3.5 hour session

Level of training

Suicide First Aid

  • Recognise signs of suicidality
  • Understand reasons behind thoughts of suicide
  • Engaging a person in crisis empathically
  • Offer emotional support
  • Recognise potential barriers to seeking help
  • Signpost to appropriate resources (help lines)

Note: SP-EAK is deeper than SP-OT and offers participants a practical steps to follow

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Additional information

Suicide Prevention Training 
SP-EAK (3.5 hours) Aims to teach skills to people who have pastoral care or responsibility for young people. 

Learning objectives

•    To consider our attitudes around suicide
•    To consider ‘signs’ that may indicate someone is having thoughts of suicide – and how we ask about those
•    To understand how to listen to someone talking about suicide – and why that’s important
•    To discuss your experiences of supporting people with thoughts of suicide – and the importance of debriefing and self-care

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