Type of Entry: Training
Name: ZSA Step Up Training
Date added: 4 September 2020
Delivery type: Online
Owned by: Zero Suicide Alliance
Cost: No
Target audience: Anyone
Core Elements

The ZSA 'Step Up' Training module gives you a brief introduction to social isolation, and how to help someone who may be isolated. This is particuarly important in adjusting to the new normal following the Coronavirus pandemic, taking into account the significant changes in how many of us live and work.

Even though this is not specifially a suicide first aid course, information is given about how to engage a person in conversation about mental health and to check signs which may indicate that they are at risk of suicide. 

The ZSA 'Step Up' Training module enables you to learn how to:

  • Understand what social isolation is
  • How this has changed in light of the Coronavirus pandemic
  • How to help someone that is socially isolated
  • Recognise signs of suicidality
  • Engaging a person in crisis empathically
  • Offer emotional support

On completing the training you will also receive a certificate to demonstrate your commitment to playing your part in helping prevent incidences of suicide.

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Length of Training

Under 10 minutes


Coming soon


If you would like to recommend this training, contact us.


Department of Health & Social Care

Additional Information

Other ZSA suicide awareness training is also available:

For more information and to take these training courses, access the Zero Suicide Alliance training page.

The aim of the ZSA Resources is to introduce users to a range of existing and new resources with a connection to supporting people with their mental health, bring awareness to and help prevent incidences of suicide.  Even though the ZSA offer their own training, this resource is presented aside other training resources to enable the user to make an informed decision over its use.

For more information on ZSA Resources, please refer to ZSA Policies.

Content last updated: 19/10/2022.

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