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Name: Samaritans Step by Step
Date added: 18 March 2022
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Owned by: Samaritans
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Website: Samaritans Step by Step
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Target audience: College students (age 16-24)
Core elements

Step by Step is a Samaritans service that provides practical support to help schools and other organisations prepare for and recover from a suspected or attempted suicide and help reduce the risk of further deaths in the community.

Step by Step aims to:

  • Provide information and support to help the school community come to terms with what has happened and prevent stigma and isolation in the school community;
  • Support school communities to reduce the risk of further suicide;
  • Reach out to high risk people and communities to reduce the risk of further suicide

Read or download Step by Step resources.

Get in touch with the Step by Step service or freephone 0808 168 2528 in the UK or 1800 805 731 in the Republic or Ireland.

Supporting rationale Nobody likes to think about a death in school. Yet suicide is a leading cause of death for young people in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Sadly, it is always a possibility that a student, parent or member of staff might choose to take their own life.
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Additional information

Step by Step is run by a team of trained volunteers, called Postvention Advisors, who can offer practical support, guidance and information on addressing the impact of a suspected or attempted suicide on the school community. The team is experienced in working proactively with schools and local authorities to prevent further suicides.

The specialist knowledge and skills of the volunteers is based on research and best practice developed through Samaritans’ experience, learning from the communities we have supported.

As every situation is different, Postvention Advisors can tailor the support offered depending on the needs of the school or group.

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