What are you doing this #BrewMonday?

Each year we take what is traditionally known as Blue Monday (the third Monday in January) and encourage you to take part in Brew Monday.

Brew Monday is essentially about connection. Staying connected to other people, to nature, to the things we enjoy…it’s important for our wellbeing.

Enjoying a cuppa or a brew is a particularly British pastime and is often used as a soothing antidote in times of stress. Make a brew and make time to connect, listen, talk.

Whether it’s online, in person or over the phone. Use Brew Monday as a prompt to…

  • Make time for a cuppa, biscuit, and chat with your neighbour, a friend or family member
  • Reach out and arrange a cuppa and catch up with someone you’ve not seen in a while
  • Get together with colleagues for a virtual, social cuppa and catch-up
  • Take some time for you and enjoy a cuppa outside in the fresh air (weather permitting) or with a book, magazine or favourite TV programme
  • Arrange a cuppa and catch up with someone you’ve been worried about - an invitation for a cuppa alone is often enough to lift someone’s spirits and show them you care.

If you’re struggling, reach out to someone you trust and arrange a cuppa and catch up. Talk about how you’re feeling. A chat over a brew can help us feel a bit more grounded and put our worries into perspective.

Understanding social isolation

People who feel socially isolated are more likely to struggle with depression.

Our free online Social Isolation (Step Up) Training helps you to understand how social isolation can affect someone and what you can do to help them. It takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Tea and biscuits

Did you know eight out of 10 tea drinkers enjoy a biscuit with their cuppa?

It was during the second world war that tea and biscuits were paired together.

If you’re arranging a cuppa and catch up and fancy a biscuit but aren’t sure what biscuit to get, download and print our biscuit fortune teller for inspiration.