In the sixth programme, Life Matters focuses on the prevalence of suicide amongst young people. Ashley Byrne chats to Lukasz Cybulski about new research from the University of Manchester into incidences of suicide and self-harm amongst young people.Michelle Leigh from the Oli Trust speaks to us for Life Matters episode 6.jpg

Helen Garlick hears the personal story of Michelle Leigh, who is finding the joy in life again, following the tragic loss to suicide of her young son, Oli.

We meet Suzie Cox, known to millions as 1990s icon Gladiator Vogue. Suzie explains how her own experience with mental health issues has led her to become a ZSA Ambassador.

And Melody Reed, a singer/songwriter from Leeds talks about using music to explore the deep human need for connection.

“There are currently no effective self-harm interventions offered in primary care for young people in the UK.” Lukasz Cybulski

“I’m the same person – I’ve just got someone missing from my dining room table.” Michelle Leigh 

“I was very fortunate that I never felt so low that I would have ended my life, but I can appreciate how that can easily happen if you don’t have that support around you.” Suzie Cox

“Every single person suffers at some point with mental health. If everyone realises that everyone goes through it they might not be so frightened to talk about it!” Melody Reed 

“Look after your inner child.” Helen Garlick

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