are an NHS charity hosted by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust dedicated to preventing suicide. We work in collaboration with NHS trusts, non-profit organisations, local authorities, businesses and individuals to raise awareness of suicide and its contributing factors. We aim to break the stigma that surrounds suicide and enable leaders to drive meaningful action to help prevent suicide in the UK and beyond.

a woman and two men wearing work attire stood talkingWe provide free suicide awareness training that teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

We develop interactive and evidence-based resources to support community and organisational leaders to understand the incidence of suicide in their local area, the factors that contribute to suicide and what others are doing to tackle these issues.

Our work helps inform and empower these leaders to drive targeted action to help prevent suicide.

We are committed to learning how others have implemented effective interventions and share best practice in our case study section and resource library.

We support psychological wellbeing in the workplace through education, events and consultancy.

  1. Empowering all people to take positive action against suicide.
  2. Learning from each other and sharing best practice for suicide prevention.
  3. Using and advocating for data and research as a fundamental foundation to drive real change.
  4. Promoting positive change as part of national standards and clinical guidelines.

We support one basic principle: Suicide is preventable

We started with only four members who were united by passion to prevent suicide worldwide. Our founding members used their vast experience in the NHS and beyond to spread our key message, that suicide is preventable. We have now grown significantly with a large membership of individual supporters and member organisations from across the globe.

In 2019, the Department of Health and Social Care recognised our potential and agreed to fund some of our work. Since then, we have become a registered charity hosted by Mersey Care Foundation NHS Trust and are now reliant on donations from the public to continue our vital suicide prevention work.