We’ve been busy working on a brand new campaign for ZSA and we’re really excited to share this with you!

The Zero Hero campaign is all about coming together to raise money and raise awareness for the vital work of the ZSA.

 Zero Heroes are ordinary people coming together to achieve something extraordinary – preventing suicide.

Your help and support is vital.

We’d love you to get involved in our fabulous (and occasionally far-out) fundraising events and activities. Read on for more details:

The Zero Hero Doughnut Challenge

Man taking the doughnut challenge with sugar on his lips

This August, we’d like you to eat a big, fat, sugary doughnut, but do it without licking your lips. Show the world the Power of Zero.

All you need to do is:

  1. Dress up in fancy dress (cape, mask, shield – or even just ‘a’ fancy dress).
  2. Film yourself eating your doughnut.
  3. Nominate everyone you know to do it too.
  4. Share it far and wide on social media to show that, sometimes, Zero can count for everything.
  5. And if you can, we’re asking you to please make a donation to help us carry on helping people prevent suicide.

 Coming this August – get practising! (Just. Don’t. Lick. Your. Lips.)

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