Eileen's Story

"A person I know and respect shared the Zero Suicide Alliance training on Facebook so I decided to check it out. A member of my family ended his own life by suicide two years ago at the age of 26. Since then I have taken more interest in resources and education related to suicide. 

I understood that suicide was particularly prevalent amongst men and it’s taken that personal impact to prompt me to think about it more and reflect on my own personal response.

Being a member of the Zero Suicide Alliance enforces that there is a community of likeminded people taking positive steps to address the issue of suicide. A positive step in the direction of change.

I, like so many others, wish to see a change in the prevalence of suicide in our society.

I think it’s important to support initiatives like the Zero Suicide Alliance as it is a well considered initiative with useful training videos that encourage people to reach out to those who may be struggling."