Type of Entry: Helplines, text lines, chat bots
Name: Hopeline-UK
Date added: 1 May 2020
Delivery type: Phone
Owned by: Papyrus (UK)
Contact: admin@papyrus-uk.org
Website: Hopeline-UK
Cost: No
Target audience: Anyone
Core elements

Helpline  0800 068 41 41
9am- 10pm - Mon – Fri
2pm - 10pm - weekends and bank holidays.  
Text helpline07860039967 
Email helplinePat@papyrus-uk.org  

  • Free
  • One to one communication
  • 24 hour response time on email and text line access
  • Trained professionals employed by PAPYRUS as Suicide Prevention Advisers.
  • Confidential – no contact details are displayed to call handlers – they can request these details if they are really concerned about the callers safety
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The Papyrus helpline is not an app.

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